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Terrance and Crystal's Elegant Engagement at the USC Horseshoe

I had the pleasure of meeting Terrance and Crystal for their engagement shoot last week! We braved the sweltering heat of a southern South Carolina Summer in July to capture their pre-wedding bliss.

We used the USC Horseshoe as our backdrop, and as always, it didn't disappoint! It is always one of my favorite places in town to capture any type of session ( I mean, it's just. that. good!) Upon my arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to find lots of colorful flowers in bloom and gorgeous greenery - I couldn't believe how beautiful the manicured campus was despite the scorching heat!

While the bride-to-be is a from Columbia, the groom is a Texas native. I love when I can feel the energy beaming off of couples during their shoot, and these two were no exception. They made it super easy for me to capture their genuine happiness! Congrats on your engagement!

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